Why We Said, “No!” To An Online Shopping Cart

Advance Furniture StoreJust recently Contemporary Furniture was featured in an interview on the marketing blog Web.Search.Social. And the reason we were featured might surprise you. This is the first question we were asked…

“You Could Have A Shopping Cart On Your Site But You Stubbornly Refuse. Why?”

The following is an excerpt from the interview between John Kenyon of Advance Furniture and Carol Lynn Rivera of Web.Search.Social. You can read the whole thing here.

John Kenyon is one of the owners and the national sales manager of Advance Furniture in Buffalo, New York. He sells some gorgeous contemporary furniture (I have my sights on one of those bedroom sets… it will go nicely with some of the other décor I’ve already bought from him!) and has been running the business with his wife Christine and brother-in-law John Pusateri for over two decades.

They must be doing something right – it’s a family-owned business that’s been thriving for nearly 60 years.
John is an internet enthusiast and a forward-thinker. He had an early vision to grow the business beyond the boundaries of their Buffalo storefront and snatched up the contemporaryfurniture.com domain early on. I bet a few of his competitors wish he hadn’t been so wise.

He put a ton of effort into helping the company transition into the internet age. From researching shipping and return policies to “Who’s going to buy this stuff?” and “How are we going to get it to them?”

His was one of the very first websites my company ever built and one of the first in his entire industry.

So it makes you wonder why he would hesitate to “think forward” again.

I’ll let him speak for himself.

Read John’s answer and the full interview here.

About John Kenyon

is the National Sales Manager at Advance Furniture located in Western New York, the largest retailer of Modern and Scandinavian furniture in the region. He welcomes visitors from across the country who travel to purchase from his exclusive selection of contemporary furniture and enjoy the services of experienced sales staff and interior designers. You can visit his online storefront at contemporaryfurniture.com.