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Dance by Reflection Art Studio

“Dance” by Reflection Art Studio

In the coming weeks and months we’ll be sharing design tips, home decorating ideas, inspiration and suggestions to turn your “blah” space into your dream space. We welcome your feedback, questions and suggestions and hope to make this a place where you can come to learn, share and simply enjoy the beauty of contemporary home design!

We thought it would be a good idea to kick our blog off with a question of our own, just to get you thinking about the style and design options available for your home. Ready? Test your knowledge and let us know how you did!

What Is Contemporary Furniture?

Did you know that there’s a difference between contemporary and modern furniture?

They might be interchangeable in everyday-speak but when it comes to style, they’ve each got unique features.

Prior to the 20th century, furniture tended toward the ornate side, with complicated designs, rich fabrics and intricate details.

Modern Bedroom

Modern Bedroom: straight lines and sharp angles, made with lightweight wood veneers.

But Post-World War I, when money and resources were tight, designers took full advantage of less expensive materials and a society focused on functionality over decoration.

Furniture left the realm of simply “ornamental” and became something more utilitarian and practical. Instead of gilded wood and marble, designers turned to lighter materials like plywood, steel and plastics.

Modern furniture was all about reflecting a new industrial age with shiny metals, straight, simple lines and splashes of bright color.

Contemporary Bedroom

Contemporary Bedroom: Sleek lines but with more rounded edges (seen in the curve of the headboard) and an organic feel. Subtle!

Contemporary, on the other hand, emerged first as Scandinavian and Danish design with more of a focus on the artistic side of practicality and an organic, environmental feel.

Current contemporary style has a hint of both the sleek lines of modern and the organic feel of the Danish designs. It tends toward oversized pieces and experimentation with colors and shapes. Colors lean toward neutrals with bright splashes of accent colors, coupled with bold, geometric shapes. The lines tend to be more rounded than the angular lines of modern furniture but both emphasize the merging of aesthetics and function.

What’s YOUR Style?

So, how’d you do? Did you already know the subtle differences between contemporary and modern? Do you have a favorite style or are you still exploring the ways you can turn an everyday space into the perfect space for your style?

Stick around! We’ve got plenty of ideas to share.

Want To Decorate In Style?

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Contemporary Bedroom

Modern Bedroom

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