The Yellow Made Me Do It

The Yellow Made Me Do ItDifferent Color Schemes Impact Focus & Temperament: Guide To How Color Impacts Mood & Performance

Interior designers have long known that colors and light can enhance and influence behavior and mood. Window treatments like aluminum mini blinds can do double duty, adding color to your décor and offering light control.

“Mini blinds are one of the styles of window treatments on the market today that come in an array of colors and because they are inexpensive, they can be an affordable way to brighten a room,” said Ron Manwaring of Blinds Chalet. “We have an aluminum mini blind that comes in over 30 color options.”

Consider the following when deciding on colors in a room:

  • Green soothes and calms. Reminiscent of nature, green drapes offer serenity for children and adults. Studios use green rooms to calm guests before TV appearances.
  • Blue is associated with peace and tranquility and produces calming chemicals in the body. In tune with nature and the sky, blue gives a fresh open feel to a room. Research shows people are more productive in blue rooms. Blue drapes bring the freshness out outside in.
  • Red increases heart rate and breathing. Used as an accent color, red draws the eye to that point in the room. As a window treatment, red can direct eyes to a beautiful view.
  • Decorating with Yellow increases concentration… However, more babies cry in yellow rooms and more people lose their tempers. Using lighter shades of yellow can brighten a mood without causing more intense reactions.
  • White helps break up darker rooms or give an airy feel to small spaces. Reminiscent of innocence and tranquility, white works well with every color.
  • Brown is solid, of earth and trees. A more masculine color, brown works well in most settings and often creates a neutral feel to a room. Bamboo and wood shades bring a natural element in without distracting from the rest of the room.

“Finding the right color for a window treatment not only expresses individual taste, but can make a space an experience instead of just a room,” said Manwaring.

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