Kitchen Ergonomics

Kitchen ErgonomicsFive Steps To The Back Saving Bliss Of Ergonomic Kitchen Design

Designing a kitchen around the way we use it may seem obvious, but it took the rise of modern design’s credo of functionality first to bring the concept into America’s homes. While we may lag about a decade behind style savvy Europe when it comes to modern design, Americans are transforming their kitchens into modern, functional workhorses at breakneck speed. [Read more…]

Modern Outdoor Planters

wheelbarrow-gardenEasy Tips For Using Planters To Set The Mood In Your Outdoor Room

Whether you pine for a livable rooftop with lush landscaping or want to make a grand statement on a plain patio, garden planters make it simple to dramatize or tie together your indoor and outdoor spaces with a fusion of contemporary decor and greenery. [Read more…]

How To Add The Perfect Finishing Touches To Your Modern Bath

How To Add The Perfect Finishing Touches To Your Modern BathYou’ve already done the heavy lifting to create or update your modern bathroom, with a new bathtub, shower, dual sinks, and yes, even a modern, water-conserving toilet. Whether you envision a spa-like bath or a place where the kids can go to get ready for school, you need to make sure the space is the proper blend of beauty and function. [Read more…]

Modernism For The Modern Home

Modernism For The Modern HomeThis is a guest post contributed by Fraser Wood of Swivel

In the early 20th century a creative movement swept the western world as innovations in art, design, and conceptual thought erupted as explosively creative reactions to industrialisation and WWI.

This movement was called Modernism and it has shaped the designs of some of the most iconic furniture in history. Whilst art and design have moved on and interior design is now flooded with post-modernist creations, the stylish elegance of modernist pieces is still pervasive in the top showrooms nevertheless.

We have created a list of 8 exquisite examples, both original and modern inspired tributes, to give you a flavour of Modernism and illustrate its continued relevance in the modern home.  [Read more…]

The Yellow Made Me Do It

The Yellow Made Me Do ItDifferent Color Schemes Impact Focus & Temperament: Guide To How Color Impacts Mood & Performance

Interior designers have long known that colors and light can enhance and influence behavior and mood. Window treatments like aluminum mini blinds can do double duty, adding color to your décor and offering light control.

“Mini blinds are one of the styles of window treatments on the market today that come in an array of colors and because they are inexpensive, they can be an affordable way to brighten a room,” said Ron Manwaring of Blinds Chalet. “We have an aluminum mini blind that comes in over 30 color options.”

[Read more…]

5 Easy And Inexpensive Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring Decorating IdeasSpring is a season that gives you the perfect excuse to give your home a new look, whether that look is in one room or throughout your entire home. If you have the means to purchase brand new furniture and accent pieces, feel free to indulge. If you’d like to do some redecorating without breaking the bank or spending every free minute hard at work, these five ideas may just give you the inspiration you need. [Read more…]

Color Deck: Green

Pasadena Contemporary SectionalRemember when green was just a color? Those days are back! With fashion designers reveling in green-based colors, it was only a matter of time before top home design shops followed suit. Now, we’re seeing this hue of the moment pop up in everything from large, luxury, limited edition pieces to artisan glass door knobs. [Read more…]

Contemporary Bar Stools: The Epitome Of Cool

Bar StoolsWant your kitchen counter to look a little more contemporary? Put two or three modern bar stools in front of it. Want the bar and pool table in your great room to look like they really belong? Surround them with chic bar stools.

Bar stools have always had an innate cool factor, from someone ordering a martini at a trendy nightclub, all the way back to the days when a rugged cowboy would walk into a saloon and saddle up at the bar for a cold one.

Sit in a bar stool and you can’t help but look cool. Just make sure you consider these factors when you choose your bar stools. [Read more…]

Is Your Home Office Desk Designed For The Modern Home Office?

Is Your Home Office Desk Designed For The Modern Home Office?The 30-pound, 14-inch deep box monitor has been replaced by a sleek, lightweight, flat screen HD monitor. It rests comfortably on a raised platform, bringing it to eye level while providing you with even more room on your desktop.

The office telephone is gone. Your mobile phone allows you conduct business anywhere. [Read more…]

8 Modern Uses For That Unused Formal Living Room

bigstock-Family-Room-1900852Making The Most Of The Space You Have

If you are like most homeowners, your formal living room is useful for one primary thing: accumulating dust. Originally, formal living rooms were spaces in which special guests were entertained. However, as modern-day life has become more casual, so have our living spaces. Friends come in through the front door and are escorted to the family room, bypassing the formal living room all together. [Read more…]