Modern Outdoor Planters

wheelbarrow-gardenEasy Tips For Using Planters To Set The Mood In Your Outdoor Room

Whether you pine for a livable rooftop with lush landscaping or want to make a grand statement on a plain patio, garden planters make it simple to dramatize or tie together your indoor and outdoor spaces with a fusion of contemporary decor and greenery.

Featuring planters in your outdoor space is a quick and easy way to mimic nature in high-density environments. Influenced by architectural trends, planters can take a starring role outdoors as a way to showcase your green thumb while adding some “oomph” to a spare space. Elegant and contemporary in look and feel, they are impressive in small lofts, apartments, courtyards and in condo towers.

boat-gardenModern planters are long lasting and lightweight with a broad menu of shapes, styles, and finishes including fiberglass, stone, polyethylene resin, composite, wicker and metal. If you’re looking for a splash of color, planters come in a gorgeous palette of bold trend-setting hues from bright pistachio to warm orange and even black. With so many choices, they are versatile enough for warming up a hip urban rooftop, sleekly-furnished patio or a simply-designed balcony craving a bold, whimsical style.

planterCommercial quality planters “live large” al fresco at hotels and restaurants because they create an inviting space with rich displays of foliage that encourage customers to linger and enjoy. Easy to maintain, they can be moved around to reflect different moods or make a memorable first impression. For more confined spaces, there are planters designed to fit neatly against a wall or into a corner.

Modern planters are exceptionally sturdy and resistant to extreme weather and constant use. The color finish extends throughout the piece so it will not chip or peel, or show a different color if scratched. Sizes range from 15 to 68 inches tall and up to 78 inches in diameter.

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