How Wallpaper Got Its Groove Back

wallpaperFor the longest time, three words were associated with wallpaper: “Tear it down!” Now, wallpaper has been resurrected and finds itself in the trendiest homes and magazines. Quite frankly, contemporary wallpaper brings more to the table than paint, and you can create a “wow” factor without buying expensive accessories, upholstery, tile or stone.

Infinite Possibilities

Thanks to digital printing, you’re not limited to what you find in stores and catalogs. You can create your own design, bold or subtle, if you’re so artistically inclined. Or, you can tell a designer what kind of mood you want to convey or statement you want to make, and watch it come to life.

Wallpaper allows you to get in touch with your creative side without leaving your comfort zone, whether you prefer timeless classics or ultra-modern, bold patterns.

Use Your Illusion

Have a room with low ceilings? Use wallpaper with vertical stripes to create the illusion of height.

Want to make a large room with high ceilings seem more cozy and intimate? Apply a chair rail and use wallpaper on the lower part of the wall, just like wainscoting. You can even apply the wallpaper sideways to minimize seams and use less paper.

Draw attention to a certain part of a room by adding wallpaper to one wall instead of simply painting it a different color. This accent wall will draw people’s eyes to a focal point filled with texture and interest.

Create energy and vibrancy with bold geometric designs and colors, or create a serene, calming atmosphere with soft colors and understated patterns.

Tell us how you’ve used wallpaper to make a statement in your home or office!

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