How to Make Your Coffee Table More Interesting

How to Make Your Coffee Table More InterestingFanning out magazines across your coffee table, no matter how enticing the cover stories may be, is so 30 years ago. Or 50 years ago. Or more. There are so many ways to bring your personality to your coffee table and create interest in a way that’s stylish, modern and enticing. Here are a few of our favorites.

Containers. Aside from adding interest to your coffee table, containers and trays serve a functional purpose, adding storage space in an elegant way. Jars, baskets, bowls, small boxes and trays can do wonders. They can be brightly colored or simple silver or wood, depending on the rest of your décor.

Other tables. If a small coffee table catches your eyes, arrange more than one coffee table together. Odd numbers work best to guarantee an asymmetrical design. Remember, you don’t have to always put something on top of the table to make it more interesting.

Cups, Saucers and Pots. Believe it or not, traditional coffee accessories actually look great on coffee tables. Look at how these colorful cups, a multi-colored pot and a simple tray spice up the Just Coffee Table.

How to Make Your Coffee Table More Interesting

Books. New or old books in varying shapes, thicknesses and colors work best together. Try to choose interesting titles so your books spark a conversation while acting as classic design accents.

Varied heights. Accessories with different heights catch the eye at different levels, giving your coffee table more depth and texture. Think of a small set of tea lights next to a tall bamboo plant in  a short vase.

The minimalist approach. Less is definitely more. See how one modern, white tray and a few books add so much personality to our Dresda Coffee Table.

How to Make Your Coffee Table More Interesting

Remember, style is in the details. Whether it’s a collection or one big, bold piece that you love, adding a few personal touches can turn an everyday space into the perfect space.

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