How To Add The Perfect Finishing Touches To Your Modern Bath

How To Add The Perfect Finishing Touches To Your Modern BathYou’ve already done the heavy lifting to create or update your modern bathroom, with a new bathtub, shower, dual sinks, and yes, even a modern, water-conserving toilet. Whether you envision a spa-like bath or a place where the kids can go to get ready for school, you need to make sure the space is the proper blend of beauty and function.

Accessories Add Function

Accessories offer you the opportunity to add another element of style to your bath, from lighting and shelves to robe hooks and towel rings. The most important thing to remember is to place them where they’re the most useful, not necessarily where they may look the best.

You need to be able to reach your towel from the shower and tub. Unless it’s purely decorative, a shelf that you can’t reach from the sink won’t have much use. If you don’t place things where you need them, you end up with clutter.

How To Add The Perfect Finishing Touches To Your Modern BathChoose Storage Options Thoughtfully

As elegant as a pedestal sink can be, a vanity provides a better combination of beauty and function. Use wall space for shelving and cabinetry. If you’re unsure about whether or not you’ll need the extra shelves and cabinets, use the bathroom for a month or so. Get a feel for it and create storage options based on actual need instead of what you think you may need.

The Power Of Light

Light is probably the most important and versatile accessory that you’ll add to the modern bath, although it’s more of a necessity than an accessory. A bright, warm light will bring added beauty to your entire bath while creating a peaceful, serene setting. The right light fixtures bring your personal design style to your bath.

AkanaAnd placing light fixtures in the right place will allow you to actually see what you’re doing. Don’t laugh – this is often overlooked in bathroom remodeling projects.

How do you envision the finishing touches looking in your modern bath? Do you place more emphasis on style or function?

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