Green Rugs For The Great Outdoors

Outdoor rugPeople can easily incorporate their “need for green” in their outdoor decor with stylish, eco-friendly area rugs. They offer a simple and affordable way to infuse fashion and complete your space while addressing the hottest design trends. In inspired looks from playfully Bohemian to nature-themed, breezy outdoor area rugs can establish the motif for your patio, sunroom or terrace.

flip-flop rug

This rug is made from recycled flip-flops and can be found at

It’s easy to find sumptuous weather-resistant rugs that are made from eco-friendly materials, such as recycled soda bottles, flip-flop remnants and recycled plastic, to name a few popular materials.

The abilities to go barefoot and be green are just two of the pluses.

“Outdoor rugs help define and offer a practical elegance to any outdoor room,” says Mike Voyles of“They can anchor a seating area or warm up a dining space. Since they serve as a focal point it’s important to find the look that’s right for you.”

drinking straw rug

This innovative rug is made from recycled drinking straws. It’s also available at

Fade-, moisture- and mildew-resistant in dramatic patterns and trend-setting hues, the lightweight rugs work wonderfully in high-traffic areas and hold up against kids, pets and just about any heavy wear or activity. That’s because they are made from recycled polypropylene drinking straws and constructed from an innovative weaving process which emphasizes quality and low maintenance. The manufacturing process creates no waste; all cuttings and rejected materials are recycled and used to make more rugs. The water used does not come from drinking water resources and it is continuously recycled.

These contemporary outdoor rugs are also reversible, so you can change the look of your decor.

Some of the latest area rug trends include a focus on rich earth tones from olive green to gold to chocolate browns, and unique partnering of yellow and turquoise and other shades; abstract, whimsical patterns; emphasis on drama and scale; global ethnic elements and subtle, multi-layered textures.

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