Gorgeous Modern Grills For Every Taste & Need

Dream Grills

Homeowners have always fallen hard for modern kitchens. But move that kitchen outside and build it around a top of the line grill, and you’ll heat up a love affair that will have all the neighbors talking.

Outdoor kitchens outclass the indoor variety with art inspired minimalist grills that have slots, pockets, drawers and options for every imaginable need, including champagne buckets, smoking drawers, wok-ready burners and personalized grill grates.

Russ Faulk, Designer at Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, says that with all the enticing options available, people really have to be honest with themselves about what they’re looking for in a grill. “People who don’t entertain a lot may opt for a smaller, free-standing model. Outdoor chefs can build an entire, state-of-the-art kitchen outside with sinks, storage, and refrigerators built around their grill choice,” he says.

But choosing the right grill can be as much about looks as it is about compatibility, so we’ve investigated the best of both worlds to bring you a list of grills that, for the right owner, have it all.

Seeking Serious Grill

For the serious chef with a taste for grand entertaining, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet offers built-in, free-standing and kitchen adaptable grills with a passion for heat, at up to 176,000 BTUs. These grills heed your call for rotisserie, side mounted smoker systems, corner sinks, and more. Plus, they’re built to be the last grill you’ll ever need. After Hurricane Katrina, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet owners called the company to report that their grills weathered the storm. No wonder enraptured owners emblazon their names on the cooking grate.

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

Seeking Modern Grill

A strict modernist will appreciate the restrained lines and perfect functionality of Fuego grills. Made in large and small versions, Fuego hides the messy grill grate with a retractable lid flanked by teak counters, perfect for setting down foods before or after they’ve been cooked. Slots take accessories like paper tower holders, trays and spice racks to keep the necessities close at hand but out of the way. A hidden and handy sliding drawer, big enough for grilling tools and a bag of charcoal, reminds us that the most sophisticated grills keep some of their best secrets in reserve.

Fuego grill

Seeking Classic Grill

Classic and modern in its simple design, Weber’s One Touch Gold Charcoal Grill has long been the smash hit of the outdoor cooking world. Weber’s good looks shine in black, blue, green, or red porcelain enamel coated steel. These grills rest on their bold look and dependable performance but, like any grill, they’re happily enhanced with accessories. Weber makes smokers, chimney starters, woks and rotisseries to amp the performance of their outdoor icon.

Weber One Touch Gold Charcoal GrillSeeking Stylish Grill

For those seeking a drop-dead gorgeous modern grill, check out the slender height of the DelMar by Magma, the curvaceous body of the Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Sculpture Grill, or the smart sophistication of the Eva Solo Grill.

Magma made its name giving modern-minded seafaring types luxury grills made for boats, then introduced the stately DelMar to spice up their clients’ lives on land. Eva Solo’s petite grill is made to party anywhere, with collapsible legs fit for uneven surfaces and a top that turns this mini masterpiece into a perfect side table.

DelMar by Magma

Seeking Techie Grill

Seeking a new way to cook up something worth singing about? Check out the TEC Infrared series. Infra-Red cooking means food cooks much more quickly than with conventional grills and retains its moisture better. Available in black, scarlet, forest green, or midnight blue, these grills also come in pedestal, bolt-down post or in-ground post styles — so choose the legs that suit your taste.

TEC Infrared

Seeking Two Grills

Having trouble committing to one type of grill? Weber’s Performer Charcoal Grill and Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet’s Dual-Fuel models light with gas but let food cook in the savory flames of charcoal or wood.

Do you have a favorite grill? 

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