Decorating With Mirrors

Decorating With MirrorsThe darker months are upon us and finding a way to lighten up the rooms of your home is at the forefront of your mind. One of the best ways to add light is not with lighting – but with mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors! Don’t limit your décor to lighting, though! Mirrors can do much more than just add light — the possibilities this season are endless so use your imagination and see where these lovely reflective surfaces take your home design.

Geometry table mirror

  • If placed correctly, a mirror brings more light to any room. Be sure to angle it in such a way as to reflect a candle, beautiful light fixture, or even natural sunshine. This will be more appreciated as the days become darker.
  • Mirrors can serve as art. Use different shaped mirrors to change things up. A fancy frame or unusual shape makes any boring wall more interesting. A piece that serves double-duty is definitely worth the purchase.
  • Larger mirrors can serve as a focal point. If your room is lacking in design, add a large floor-to-ceiling mirror to one wall and feel the difference immediately.
  • A thoughtfully placed mirror adds dimension to a smaller space. Display it so that your room appears larger than it actually is. You’ll want that “extra” space once the cold forces everyone inside.
  • Mirrors are excellent for a last-minute check before rushing out the door, so place one near your main entrance for convenience. Never leave home with wayward hair again!Akalla gold buffet mirror
  • Mirrored furniture is all the rage this year, so pick up a piece that ties your room together effectively. Coffee tables or trestles are always a smart buy.
  • Bring an outdoor garden inside with a mirror’s well-placed reflection.

Mirrors should provide more than just a reflection of your face. They should also reflect your style, so choose wisely and have fun!

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