Decorate With Pumpkins: How To Go From Ordinary To Elegant

Decorate With Pumpkins: How To Go From Ordinary To ElegantIt’s that time of year when you can’t avoid pumpkins. They’re everywhere from the most humble market to the most elegant storefront. You might as well join in the fun by bringing them home and adding them to your décor.

Here are a few tips for placing pumpkins throughout your home and turning this ordinary holiday gourd into a sophisticated and modern centerpiece.

Skip The Carving

This year the trend is to skip carving a jack-o’-lantern, which saves you from getting messy with gourd innards. Instead, tap into your creative side and use stencils, stickers, rub-ons, lace, paint, ribbons, buttons, or other doo-dads from around the house to embellish your pumpkin. Make faces, spell out messages, or make a pretty design.

Choose a favorite or inspirational word and spell it out by decorating small pumpkins with one letter each and then placing them strategically on a shelf or mantle with ribbons or leaves between. Then invite the neighbors for cocktails and wait for the oohs and aahs!

Try Etching Or Decorating

An alternate method to pretty-up your pumpkin requires slightly more work but is still much less messy than scraping out seeds and rind. Use an apple corer, drill, or knife to carve pretty designs like flowers or frills right into the pumpkin’s flesh.

Pumpkin Etching

If you are really feeling crafty, glue and seal some pretty fall leaves, acorns, or other embellishments right onto the pumpkin’s outer surface.

Turn Pumpkins Into Conversation Pieces

Pumpkin FlowersIf your inner child misses the messiness of digging into a pumpkin, give in to the urge and empty out a small pumpkin so that only the outer rind remains. Then use the body as a bowl for seasonal dips. A nice pumpkin butter or fruit dip is bound to get compliments at your next dinner party.

Alternately, use a pumpkin bowl as a centerpiece on your dining table. Fill it with flowers, candles, or even various colored berries and pine cones.

Your mantel is yet another place simply begging for some pumpkin love. Various sizes, shapes and colors of pumpkins and other gourds, along with leaves and some stretchy cobwebbing, make a spooky yet elegant focal point.

Dress Up Your Outdoor Décor

Pumpkins Front StepsMake a wreath out of smaller pumpkins for your front door to greet guests in seasonal fashion.

Not feeling crafty? Merely placing pumpkins of various size and color into a basket on your door step shows you’ve got the Autumn spirit.

Use pumpkins to line your driveway, the path to your front door, or your porch. Everyone loves a bit of color at this time of year and pumpkins and their gourd cousins are a lovely, elegant and welcoming way to spruce up your Autumn décor.

So many opportunities to bring pumpkins into your home! Tell us your favorite way to use them!

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