Contemporary Home Design: The Curated Look

Contemporary Home Design: The Curated LookOne of the biggest design trends this fall season is the curated look. It’s the ultimate reflection of your personality, your taste, your style and your passion. It has a single rule: collect and display what you love and what makes you feel a certain way.

Each piece should be connected by a story that only you could tell. Going off the beaten path will serve you well when curating your home, and originality and quirkiness trump price tags.

What You Love Is Much More Important Than What It Costs

You can display expensive, hand-carved, wooden sculptures that you’ve collected during 20 years of travels. Or, you could go with a collection of vases in different sizes, shapes and colors that you picked up one afternoon for a total of $20 at a flea market.

Create a gallery wall with your favorite artwork, old photos or even artwork made by your children. Incorporate mirrors to add depth. Put frames on a dresser and lean them against the wall. Combine different textures, shapes, sizes and colors.

From collectibles and antiques to baskets and books, your curated look can change with the season, and it can change from room to room. Have fun, use your imagination and break the rules.

Eclectic. Elegant. Whimsical. Rustic. Bold. Playful. Serene. How do you feel today? Make that feeling your inspiration when you create your curated look!

How about you? Do you have any well-loved collections? Tell us about it!

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