Contemporary Bar Stools: The Epitome Of Cool

Bar StoolsWant your kitchen counter to look a little more contemporary? Put two or three modern bar stools in front of it. Want the bar and pool table in your great room to look like they really belong? Surround them with chic bar stools.

Bar stools have always had an innate cool factor, from someone ordering a martini at a trendy nightclub, all the way back to the days when a rugged cowboy would walk into a saloon and saddle up at the bar for a cold one.

Sit in a bar stool and you can’t help but look cool. Just make sure you consider these factors when you choose your bar stools.

Cool Bar Stools

Footrests Feel Fine

It’s not an absolute requirement, but a bar towards the bottom will make sitting in the bar stool more comfortable, especially with taller stools. Two bars or an adjustable bar for even more comfort and versatility? Very cool. Dangling legs? Not cool.

Swivel Or Stationary

If you’re considering bar stools for a large space that won’t be too congested, either swivel or stationary bar stools will do just fine. For smaller spaces, we recommend bar stools with swivel seats so you can turn around easily to have a conversation. Backing up and knocking a drink out of someone’s hand when you bump into them? So not cool.

Back Or Backless

A backless bar stool can have a very sleek and contemporary look. If you’re buying bar stools for a kitchen counter where people will be eating and kids will be doing homework everyday, a backrest will give you more comfort. Comfort is always cool.

Even Contemporary Barstool-10663

Coordinate With Countertops

If you have solid-colored countertops in a neutral color, take a look at brightly-colored leather or vinyl bar stools and bold upholstery patterns. If you have granite or marble countertops with intricate patterns, solid-colored bar stools that pick up some of those countertop colors are a great option. Clashing color patterns? Uncool.

What do you look for in a bar stool?

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