Color Deck: Green

Pasadena Contemporary SectionalRemember when green was just a color? Those days are back! With fashion designers reveling in green-based colors, it was only a matter of time before top home design shops followed suit. Now, we’re seeing this hue of the moment pop up in everything from large, luxury, limited edition pieces to artisan glass door knobs.

Green retains popularity because its many variations lend themselves to almost any style. “The color green can add a sense of excitement against yellows and grays in particular. In an otherwise calm and serene color palette, greens have the ability to ‘bind’ ancillary colors into a beautiful, fresh and cohesive look, similar to the role greens play in nature,” says Elaine Williamson of Elaine Williamson Designs.

Casanova chaise Lounge

All you have to know is when, and how, to play up the right features.

You can play multiple shades of green against each other by bringing in light and dark shades, from the calm of pine green to the pop of lime. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Balance green against a contrasting color for a completely different effect. Greens combined with shades of yellow and orange add brightness to any room. Green can even have a balancing effect on an opposite color like lavender that may otherwise seem too childish or “cute”.

Pano Contemporary Barstool

Not ready for a big change? Use green sparingly to provide that tiny pop of color that creates a focal point and brings some life into a room. You can do this with framed art, flowers, table runners and pillows.

Modern Roma Bench

Green means fresh and spring. Green symbolizes renewal and has long been considered one of the most restful colors on the spectrum. Bring some natural light and color into your home by experimenting with this versatile shade and giving a bit of new life to any room in your home.

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