Why We Said, “No!” To An Online Shopping Cart

Advance Furniture StoreJust recently Contemporary Furniture was featured in an interview on the marketing blog Web.Search.Social. And the reason we were featured might surprise you. This is the first question we were asked…

“You Could Have A Shopping Cart On Your Site But You Stubbornly Refuse. Why?”

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Welcome To The Contemporary Furniture Blog!

Dance by Reflection Art Studio

“Dance” by Reflection Art Studio

In the coming weeks and months we’ll be sharing design tips, home decorating ideas, inspiration and suggestions to turn your “blah” space into your dream space. We welcome your feedback, questions and suggestions and hope to make this a place where you can come to learn, share and simply enjoy the beauty of contemporary home design!

We thought it would be a good idea to kick our blog off with a question of our own, just to get you thinking about the style and design options available for your home. Ready? Test your knowledge and let us know how you did! [Read more…]