Bringing The Beach To Your Contemporary Design

Bringing The Beach To Your Contemporary DesignWhen you spend a week on vacation in the Caribbean, a long weekend at a beachfront bed and breakfast, or a lifetime in a waterfront town, it’s only natural to want to bring part of the beach experience into your home. It’s a constant reminder of serenity and relaxation.

The tendency of many beach lovers is to take a beach and nautical theme to the extreme. Everywhere you look – from the living room to the bathroom – you see boats, sea shells, ship’s wheels, anchors, lighthouses, starfish, crabs and other sea creatures. Rooms literally become the beach.

We recommend a more subtle, elegant approach that will complement your contemporary design instead of overtaking it.

Use Original Photos or Artwork

When you go to department stores, you can usually find photos or artwork with Adirondack chairs on a porch facing the ocean, and other beachfront scenery. While the images are pleasant, they’re also mass produced.

Originals stand out for their uniqueness, whether it’s a painting from a nearby art show or a vacation photo from a quaint seaside village or an exotic beach. On a single wall, use one large, dominant piece or create a pattern from smaller images.

Accent Your Accents With Elements Of The Ocean

Instead of bringing the beach to the forefront, use beach and nautical elements as secondary pieces. Add a new dimension to your candle display by filling a plate with small shells or sea glass. Half-fill an elegant glass vase with sand and add one or two shells or a starfish.

Let The Ocean Be Your Sculptor

A large piece of coral or driftwood can have the same effect as a sculpture, adding depth and texture to end tables, coffee tables, dressers and countertops. If you have one that you brought home from vacation that has a unique story behind it, that’s even better.

How do you complement your contemporary design with beach-themed elements?

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