Why We Said, “No!” To An Online Shopping Cart

Advance Furniture StoreJust recently Contemporary Furniture was featured in an interview on the marketing blog Web.Search.Social. And the reason we were featured might surprise you. This is the first question we were asked…

“You Could Have A Shopping Cart On Your Site But You Stubbornly Refuse. Why?”

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Office Feng Shui

Office Feng ShuiCan You Put Feng Shui In Your Office?

With Expert: Barbara Lyons Stewart, AIA

Barbara is an Architect and Interior designer specializing in Feng Shui. Her clients include ABC/7, Wild Planet Toys, and numerous San Francisco Bay Area corporate and professional firms. She is co-author of Feng Shui: A Practical Guide for Architects and Designers

Q. I am a psychotherapist and am redoing my office but am definitely color and design challenged! I am thinking about a light olive green for wall color. My furniture is modern and medium brown wood and leather. I am stuck with the color scheme for the carpet, a chair or two and the art. I am shooting for a calming but crisp look, and I don’t want things to blend in with each other.

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Understanding Abstract Art

Understanding Abstract ArtConfess – you’ve looked at a priceless painting and said to yourself, “I could have painted that, and so could a second-grader.” After all, the contents of the painting are unrecognizable – just a bunch of lines, shapes, colors, patterns and textures.

Maybe it made you uncomfortable because, at first glance, you really didn’t understand it. After 15 minutes, you still didn’t understand it, and you would be embarrassed to ask someone to explain it to you. [Read more…]

Modern Color Trends

fashionFashion runways inspire everything from automobiles to movie sets, but no creative space follows fashion quite like the home. Fabric swatches get bold, graphic or serene in tune with the latest styles and paint colors follow suit. There are always those who go with classic colors likely to outlive trends, and those who will be painting again two years from now. But wherever you are on the redesign continuum, keeping ahead of the color curve will help you reinvigorate your home and spark confidence in your own color choices.

So before you start thumbing through paint swatches, see what Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert with The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute, has to say. She’s ready to guide us through the latest runway winners and the color trends they inspire. [Read more…]

Gorgeous Modern Grills For Every Taste & Need

Dream Grills

Homeowners have always fallen hard for modern kitchens. But move that kitchen outside and build it around a top of the line grill, and you’ll heat up a love affair that will have all the neighbors talking.

Outdoor kitchens outclass the indoor variety with art inspired minimalist grills that have slots, pockets, drawers and options for every imaginable need, including champagne buckets, smoking drawers, wok-ready burners and personalized grill grates.

Russ Faulk, Designer at Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, says that with all the enticing options available, people really have to be honest with themselves about what they’re looking for in a grill. “People who don’t entertain a lot may opt for a smaller, free-standing model. Outdoor chefs can build an entire, state-of-the-art kitchen outside with sinks, storage, and refrigerators built around their grill choice,” he says.

But choosing the right grill can be as much about looks as it is about compatibility, so we’ve investigated the best of both worlds to bring you a list of grills that, for the right owner, have it all. [Read more…]

The Power Of Red

Albright Knox Art GalleryThe symbolism of red is vast and varied — by culture and by context. But whatever our heritage, red in our surroundings evokes a reaction. Culturally, red may denote different things, but it always means the ultimate.

In Asia, red symbolizes luck, success, fire — and stock market profits — while in Western culture, red indicates a bad day on Wall Street. Of all the colors in the visible spectrum, red is the one that demands — and attracts — the most attention. In nature’s palette there is an abundance of greens, blues, browns and even whites. Against any of these backdrops, red stands out and impacts our moods; arousing, startling, warning, electrifying or agitating us. [Read more…]

Bringing The Beach To Your Contemporary Design

Bringing The Beach To Your Contemporary DesignWhen you spend a week on vacation in the Caribbean, a long weekend at a beachfront bed and breakfast, or a lifetime in a waterfront town, it’s only natural to want to bring part of the beach experience into your home. It’s a constant reminder of serenity and relaxation.

The tendency of many beach lovers is to take a beach and nautical theme to the extreme. Everywhere you look – from the living room to the bathroom – you see boats, sea shells, ship’s wheels, anchors, lighthouses, starfish, crabs and other sea creatures. Rooms literally become the beach.

We recommend a more subtle, elegant approach that will complement your contemporary design instead of overtaking it. [Read more…]

Green Rugs For The Great Outdoors

Outdoor rugPeople can easily incorporate their “need for green” in their outdoor decor with stylish, eco-friendly area rugs. They offer a simple and affordable way to infuse fashion and complete your space while addressing the hottest design trends. In inspired looks from playfully Bohemian to nature-themed, breezy outdoor area rugs can establish the motif for your patio, sunroom or terrace.

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Furnishing And Decorating Your Backyard Oasis

Furnishing and Decorating Your Backyard OasisThere is more to your deck and poolside area than Adirondack chairs, wicker furniture and plastic woven lounge chairs that you can find in any catalog or department store. Bring the same mindset you have for interior decorating to your outdoor space. [Read more…]

5 Ways To Weave Nature’s Beauty Into Contemporary Design When Entertaining Outdoors

5 Ways To Weave Contemporary Design Into Nature’s Beauty When Entertaining OutdoorsGraduations, communions, confirmations, holiday barbecues, garden parties – even if we leave weddings and showers in their own special category, this is still the most popular time of year for entertaining. And there’s nothing like taking advantage of sunshine, gentle breezes and lush landscapes of the outdoors when hosting a party.

Here are five ways to balance natural beauty and contemporary design when you entertain outdoors. [Read more…]