7 Easy, Modern Bathroom Updates

modern-bathroomThe 7 Hot Tips & Trends For Modern Bathrooms

Resolve to get your home humming with modern style and organization, but leave the big jobs for after you’ve built up your interior designer confidence. Start with the bathroom. It’s small, can handle experimental design choices, and (provided they’re good experimental design choices) can boost your home’s value. The best part though, is that it can be quick and easy to bring a bathroom up to date. Check out our 7 tips and trends for bathroom updates, and you’ll coast through your next improvements on thrill of previous success.

  • Water Woods. Wood is walking into bathrooms and it is everywhere but underfoot. Sinks, vanity tops and even tubs in iroko or maple gain luminous depth and defy nature with a patented process using epoxy resin from Image. Smaller ticket items recreate the vibe in accessories like towel bars, soap trays, mirrors and sconces. Or go for the natural wood look with a Zen feel and more calming price point.
  • Get in the Mix. Mix materials in unexpected places to add textural and visual interest. It’s a decidedly Millenial trend that’s grabbing attention from tony bathroom design companies. Create pairs nickel with ebony, and brass with horn, or combine chrome with maple, iroko or wenge. Find this warm luxe look in bath accessories like towel bars too. Espresso and polished metal accessories could give you the look in minutes.
  • Go Stainless. Stainless steel makes sense in kitchens for its ultra hygienic feel, durability and cool modern look. It shouldn’t have taken us so long to realize that’s exactly what we want in bathrooms too. Avoid the airplane lav look with more upscale designs for toilets and sinks. Just looking for a splash of stainless? Get it with stainless steel tiles, or go for adding the sleek look with accessories like mirrors, knobs and pulls, trash cans and other easy to change decorating items.



  • Vessels. Whether you’ve never liked the sink that was there when you moved in or you spent the entire holiday season with visions of vessels dancing in your head, a sink upgrade is always a smart move. A vessel is very of the moment, but to really make the most of this au currant style, get innovative. Imitations of water with fluid curves for an artistic feel make a neat addition.
  • Hang it all. Savor that sink space and commit to staying organized by ridding your personal spa of clutter. Do it by raising soap dishes, toothbrush holders and refreshing water cups to the walls. Wall mounted items create a clean look that saves space, feels architecturally permanent, and gives you the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Plus, it’s a snap to find what you are looking for, something that is difficult to say in other areas of life.
  • Faucet Flip. Forget commitment to faucets. Many faucet system styles make it easy to switch. Several faucets are interchangeable because many screw onto a universal valve, so switching between faucets really only takes a few minutes. With faucet upgrades being one of the best ways to deliver dramatic results to the overall look of the room, choosing faucets serves consumers looking for long-term value from a single style and trendsetters after the newest looks. If only all commitments to change could be so easy.
  • Get Cooking. Borrow organization ideas from your kitchen. Just bringing silverware organizers into overfilled bathroom drawers can shorten your search times enough to let you linger over morning coffee. Separate boxes mean you can configure to fit your space. Also check out cosmetic organizers and glide-out cabinet options to take the strain out of searching for bandages, lipsticks and the perfect color nail polish.
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