6 Christmas Tree Themes To Make Your Bells Jingle

Christmas Tree ThemesWe love traditional Christmas trees – a star or angel on top, antique ornaments passed down through generations, Santas and snowmen in different sizes and shapes, and that one awful ornament you made in second grade that you wish mom had thrown away.

But one way to bring your own sense of style to your Christmas tree is to create a theme. Many families are opting for a traditional tree and a second tree with a specific theme. The great thing about a theme is that there are no rules and no limits. Be bold and creative. Be simple and subtle. Be nostalgic and family focused. Be modern and edgy. Most importantly, be personal.

Contrasting Colors

A white tree with bright red ornaments. A red tree with bright gold ornaments. A gold tree with bright blue ornaments. A traditional green tree with white ornaments. Even a white tree with black ornaments. Don’t be afraid to go beyond traditional holiday colors.


Any tree automatically becomes the center of conversation when it displays photos of babies, weddings, family vacations, and other special moments. A photo theme allows you to tell a personal story or take a walk down memory lane.


Any craft store will have silk flowers in bold colors. Bring a touch of spring to Christmas and use full bloom roses and hydrangeas to create a tree that’s bursting with warmth and energy.

The Beach

Sea shells, starfish, sea gulls, driftwood and sand dollars give the feel of a quaint seaside community to your holiday celebration. An old fishing net makes a unique alternative to garland in this theme, and a vintage ship’s wheel is an excellent tree topper.


This theme is ideal if you use a real tree because the ornaments – pine cones, leaves, twigs, small flowers, birds and other elements of nature – fit right in.

Personal Favorites

Have a favorite animal? Hobby? Band? Do you collect porcelain frogs? We’ve seen trees featuring everything from dogs, to cooking tools and utensils, to Elvis. Hey, if it’s your tree, it should showcase what you love, right?

Show us photos of your Christmas tree themes!

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