5 Easy And Inexpensive Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring Decorating IdeasSpring is a season that gives you the perfect excuse to give your home a new look, whether that look is in one room or throughout your entire home. If you have the means to purchase brand new furniture and accent pieces, feel free to indulge. If you’d like to do some redecorating without breaking the bank or spending every free minute hard at work, these five ideas may just give you the inspiration you need.

1. Use flowers to sprinkle spring colors into every room

Nothing says spring rebirth like lush, vibrant floral arrangements. Mix it up, or use one color per room. You can even host a party and ask each guest to bring a potted flower in a particular color, giving you an instant garden and great conversation pieces.

2. Brighten up your lamps with new shades

New lamps can be expensive. New lamp shades generally are not. A new shade can modernize or completely change the style of a lamp, whether you choose the simple elegance of white or make a statement with bold, colorful patterns.

3. Give your dining room table a facelift with new place mats and runners

Brightly colored placemats and table runners can re-energize your dining area. They can match the rest of your décor or provide a stark contrast in color to draw eyes to your table. Get the creative juices flowing and create your own personalized placemats and runners.

4. Replace picture frames

Artwork and cherished family moments may be timeless, but frames go in and out of style pretty regularly. Create a consistent design by using a similar frame on all artwork and photos, or go for an eclectic look with a one-of-a-kind frames for each piece.

5. Paint… something

The dining room table. Chairs. Coffee and end tables. Light fixtures. One or more walls. A dresser. A desk. A bookshelf. Cabinetry. The fireplace. There are so many design elements in your home that can be updated easily and inexpensively with a fresh coat of paint.

How do you plan to bring spring into your home? Share your ideas!

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