3 Easy Ways To Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table More Beautiful

Thanksgiving dinner tableThe feast may be the star of your Thanksgiving dinner table, but there are plenty of ways to use design to create a strong supporting cast without stealing the spotlight from your culinary masterpiece. Make it personal, have fun and don’t be afraid to take risks!

The Perfect Place Setting

When you’re trying to prepare a feast for 15 with kids running through the kitchen, sometimes you’re happy if every guest has a plate, glass and silverware. However, a classically set table makes every holiday dinner table look more elegant.

Top the dinner plate with a folded napkin and the salad plate. The fork goes on the left, and the knife and spoon go to the right, in that order. Above the plate, wine and water glasses go on the right, the bread plate goes on the left, and the dessert fork and spoon go in the center.

Thanksgiving dinner tableUse Contrasting Colors

Yellow, orange and red are the traditional colors of Thanksgiving. Purple and green are often worked into the mix. Incorporating cool colors, like a light blue, is a great way to create interest – as long as you don’t create a winter wonderland by overdoing it. Contrasting colors work well in placemats, napkins, napkin rings or candles.

Embrace Mixing and Matching

Tall candlesticks and low votives. Large pumpkins surrounded by walnuts, pine cones and leaves. Fine china, crystal stemware and wicker chargers. Just like any design element in any room in your home, your Thanksgiving dinner table should be a rich combination of textures, heights, shapes and styles.

How do you add your personal style to make your Thanksgiving dinner table more beautiful? Send us your pictures!

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