2013 Color Forecast: Bold, Bright & Balanced

2013 Design ColorsBold colors have become more and more popular during the last few years in an attempt to create a positive outlook in spite of the negativity and pessimism of a weak economy, international conflict and more recently, a bitter election season. This trend will continue and become even more daring in 2013.

2013 design colors

Lexis Modern Chair in lime green

Citrus orange, lime green, magenta and tropical turquoise are in the 2013 color forecast, along with more subtle, neutral grayish hues for balance. Look for these colors in paint, wallpaper, upholstery and accessories. Refined metals of bronze, brushed steel and nickel, featuring both sleek geometric lines and soft, flowing curves, are expected to be hot in 2013.

2013 design colors

Artistico Dining Table with brightly colored digital art

2013 will bring simple color schemes to keep color vibrant without becoming overpowering. Using a pop of bright color in individual pieces of furniture, as well as throws, lamps and other accent pieces, helps to draw a viewer’s eye to different parts of a room.

Presidential election years always bring about are renaissance of patriotic colors, so look for various shades of the big three – red, white and blue – to become dominant color schemes in 2013. Denim blue is part of the classic American palette, along with bold yellow and a grassy green.

What colors do you see dominating your design choices in 2013?

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